Our journey is taking us down the path to turn back the hands of time to live as our not to distant relatives once lived, from the land, on the land and for the land. We are trying to lead a down to earth lifestyle. Doing more for ourselves by growing and raising our own food. Eating locally grown foods that are available from season to season. Sustainable living is our goal. To inspire and be inspired, giving and taking freely of knowledge to bring us back to our roots.

We are grateful for the short time we had with dear grandmother’s, Julia and Minnie. They were and still are the biggest inspirations. For the times spent in the gardens or walking in the woods gathering medicines and foods. For simple conversations discovering how nature works all the while patiently loving and guiding.

Living the country life down on the farm is not how we have always lived. However, I did spend the first seven years of my life on my families full working farm. My husband being raised in a populated area with the comforts of having a country cabin his family retreated to as often as they could in his childhood. Also, remembering living there on his own as a young man, made him feel the need to get back to this earlier lifestyle. Being the head of our family he thought it in our best interest to get out of our city professions and live “with” the earth. Instead of against it.

I have eagerly wanted to work with him to realize this for our family. Living on a farm for my first seven years helps me to appreciate the tasks of a daily farming lifestyle. His dreams have inspired me to listen to my nature and be a part of it all. By doing so I have come to appreciate all of nature. Giving me a abundance of peace.

The journey began a few years ago. When a door opened. I walked though and closed the door behind me. Becoming weary with life in the fast lane and finding a road less traveled. I bake my own bread, make my own soaps, feed my family throughout the year with the vegetables from our garden. I have discovered a life of simplicity. Full of meaning and purpose. Here on these pages I will share my discoveries.

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