August 8, 2013

Homemade Tomato Shade

Seems the sun is constantly shining her wrath on my matter's. Well, this year I'm not takin' it!...I'm fightin' back!

A Homemade Tomato Shade
For My Sun Scorched Tomatoes
Summer has taken her time getting 'round here this year. Then out of nowhere scorching summertime sun.

"I say, I say...Don't worry, Mama's li'l maters...I've got your back!"

After a good ponder...I came up with my very own, my first....Tomato shade. Complete with it's own handy dandy frame, if I do say so myself!

Constructed from gather wood, re-purposed 2x4's cut down to 1 x by's and bought burlap. After all, you have to invest sometimes...Right?

Starting first with building a frame again, with 1 by's..

 Then stapled the burlap to two more 1 x by's along the top and bottom to have something to nail it to and to add weight when it hangs down.

Being goofy along the way!

And it's going up!

As the drum rolls..."BBBbbbrrrrrrrrr tish!"

Here's the finished product. Simple, cheap and most of all easy. 

To help hold it down I devised this li'l hook system...

It's easy to unlatch.

And latch.

I simply roll the shade up & down as it is needed. 

At the top I used twine to tie it up on all three poles.

That was so easy!

My mater's are happy!

Happy Shading Mater's!

"I couldn't resist posting these pics with the early morning sun peeking through!"


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