March 7, 2013

Spring & Goats!

Billy the Bruiser!
It's promised to come, I'm not sure when, they say soon, I say hurry!! The goats and chickens are getting restless as we are too. Cabin fever is setting in for all of us here on the stead. I'm just glad it's time to start some seedlings. That is always a pick me up from the winter blues for me.
Also, plans for a new goat pen are in progress. So the plans for a bigger coop are put off. Adding more hens is not!
Getting the goats in a place where they won't have to be tethered out everyday will be a big blessing within it's self. Billy is so hard to deal with. A cantankerous goat he is true to! I don't really know why we kept him??? Why, oh why, does a person keep a mean goat? I can't answer that! If only I had had it my way...I say, "You can't win them all!" & "Live and Learn!" That's all we can do.
Chloe, on the other hand is a fine doe. She is well mannered and easy to get along with. When she is left untethered she stays in the yard all on her own. What a true blessing this kind of goat can be on a goat keepers life. Although even the most timid, if they can be, of goats can and most do, get rowdy in their old age.
Never underestimate the power of Goats! If they want to, they probably will try and succeed. They study everything! Master escape artists they are.

Still I am striving to get goat milk. Mr.C is lactose intolerant, thus not eating a healthy amount of dairy or caring if we have any on hand.
These links below will help you/and he discover the benefits as I did. . .

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