November 20, 2013

Elderberry Cold & Flu Season Home Remedy

Here we go...Another winter season is approaching. Are you prepared to fight the cold and flu?

Over the spring and summer I have foraged and gathered wild foods to help with our medicinal needs. There's nothing more liberating than to know exactly what ingredients are used. More importantly none are harmful if used correctly and taken in the proper amounts.

Ripe Elderberries
A must have at our house is Elderberry/Echinacea Syrup!
  Most things used in this recipe, we grow on our plot or are wild foraged, for free, throughout the growing season. If you must purchase any or all of these items I suggest you make your purchases from a reputable organic company.

Echinacea in Bloom
This homemade syrup recipe can be made two ways. One make just the Original Elderberry syrup or two add additional ingredients for greater healing benefits.
It's easy and tastes better too!
So why buy?...
Make your own!

Finished Product
Elderberry Syrup Recipe . . .

Original Recipe
2 cups water           
1 cup local honey
1 T. dry Ginger
5 clove 
 ½ cup Elderberries
1 t Cinnamon 

Additional Ingredient Recipe
1 T  Echinacea Root
1 T  Anise
1 T Lemon Balm   
1 T Thyme                                              

In 2 quart saucepan mix Elderberry, water, ginger, cinnamon and cloves, cover then bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to low. Cock lid and simmer down to ½ amount of liquid.
Remove from heat.

This is fine if you want to stop here. Add local honey mix well and wait for solution to cool, strain and pour into dark glass bottle.
Or you may add the additional ingredients for added benefits.
If you choose to continue don’t let mixture cool and add the remaining ingredients and
local honey. Mix well. Let cool, strain into dark glass bottle
and as always add date syrup was made.

Stores in frig well for 2 weeks.

This is how we take it...

Adults - 1T every 4 hrs.
Kids - 1t every 4 hrs.
Listed below are two notable "links" and "my favorite" organic shops to purchase all your herbal needs!

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