The Chicken Coop

After deciding to raise chickens we needed a place to house them. Unfortunately, when we moved to this property a lot of the outer buildings and sheds had already been torn down by the relatives of the older gentleman who had owned the farm.
 I remember driving by this house years ago on our many excursions of taking day trips. I can still see the various buildings standing in my mind. But, not to cry over spilled milk I'll go on with the building of the coop. . .

Having an idea of what we wanted, the questions started...Exactly what kind do we want? And you have to ask yourself, How many chickens do we want? First, I started by searching the web for chicken coops to see exactly what we wanted to build. There is an abundance of info out there about every kind of coop you could imagine!

Me, being Ms. Non-Construction, I hadn't any thought as to how to make this happen. Oh, I can hammer and nail enough to put something already drawn out and planned together. Otherwise...No clue! Knowing my hubs is a, "man of all trades", left me with no doubts it was going to just what we wanted. Thank you, honey!

You tube was my fav! I'm a visual person, if I see it in action, I can do it. Anyway, I had to have some kind of knowledge about this if we were going to build our own. That's my story. And I'm sticken' to it!

So, off to find some what lumber we already had. Then we would add the rest to the list. We are big fans when it comes to no cost reclaimed wood. Always taking an item apart to store for future projects. Around a farm, you can find plenty of uses. Ending our search we found there wasn't too much wood we had to buy. "Cha-Ching!

The Coop Today 8/2013
When all work was complete and the gate was in place the total price was only $137.58. Not too bad for a 10x7 ft. coop.  Complete hen house with roosters on back. Having a lid over them for ease of gathering eggs. The dimensions for the house are 5x4 ft.

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