February 18, 2013

Simple DIY Shampoo & Conditioner

My Sexy HairCare Bottles!
Nope they aren’t pretty but that's not what it's about. It’s about me, not what some corporation tells me I am about & what I want & what I need only to earn higher profits. That's why television is on my "sucks" list. When I first decided that simple living was for me I Google'd and Google'd some more. Before long my head was so swollen with info I couldn't think no more. I had to step back and look at the situation. After a while I remembered seeing a couple really simple recipes for shampoo and conditioner. My idea was to start with the simplest, least expensive ingredients first. If it works and I like it, great! If not, I move on up to the next least expensive until I find something that is for me. Well, I liked these. My hair feels cleaner, softer, less weighted down. And I like them even more as I pass by the hair care products at stores. Smiling all the way hearing a little more change in my pocket going,       Jingle - Lingle - Ling!  

Here are the ingredients. 
Baking Soda ~ Water ~ Apple Cider Vinegar
When I first made this I used old shampoo and conditioner bottles. Hesitant about putting it on my head I was and should have been...As I tipped the bottles it flooded out right down into my eyes and let me tell you it burns like wildfire! 
 I had decided a smaller exit hole would be better. So, I went out and bought two condiment bottles @ 99 cents a piece. from the kitchen department in a department store. When I shook them they leaked badly around the rim. Then I went to a restaurant supply store to buy a better quality container.  
remember, I always start with the cheaper at times to my downfall!!
These were $1.79 w/o caps. They are 16 oz. each. Plus, I purchased two "O" rings at the hardware store to put inside the rims of the bottles to keep them from leaking. These have a spot the "o" rings fit down into well. They're black and you can kinda see them in the top pic.
Here's what you do...
In a bottle put 1/4 cup baking soda, fill with water and shake. (baking soda does not dessolve!)
In the other bottle use 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water, shake to mix.
That's it! You now have your first batch of homemade shampoo & conditioner! 
How much you use will depend on you and your needs. I use about 8oz. each time.
Mine are LOST IN SPACE fans!

 "OOPS!" I forgot about buying caps for them. So, I used the tops from the cheaper ones for now. Next time I'm at the hardware store I'll see what I can find to use as caps.
There are other recipes out there using herbs. I plan on trying some. When I do I'll let ya'll know!
Happy Mixing! 


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